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  • Principal of the College.
  • Past & Present.

Governing Body

  • The Advisory Committee


  • The Teaching Staff.


  • The Non-Teaching Staff.
The Principal
Shri. Rajiv K. Marak

+91 69XXXXXX19


# Name Designation Tenure
1 Shri Niren N Sangma Principal 2000 - 16.11.2011
2 Dr.(Miss) Tariang Lyngdoh Principal 16.11.2011 - 27.7.2012
3 Smt. Tojeli K Sangma Principal I/C 27.7.2012 - 01.6.2013
4 Smt. Chire Nora K Sangma Principal 01.6.2013 - 30.4.2014
5 Smt. Tojeli K Sangma Principal I/C 27.7.2012 - 01.6.2013
6 Dr. Paritosh Chakravorty Principal 05.5.2016 - 31.1.2019
7 Shri Omprakash khadka Principal I/C 31.1.2019 - 05.7.2019
8 Dr. (Mrs.) Daffodils Era Lamare Principal 05.7.2019 - 01.08.2019
9 Shri Rajiv K Marak Principal 01.8.2019 till present

The Governing Body  - Williamnagar Government College

The Constitution of the Advisory Committee of the College
# Role Committe Member
1 Chairman Deputy Commissioner, East Garo Hills District
2 Vice-Chairman Addl. Deputy Commissioner, East Garo Hills District, Williamnagar
3 Secretary Principal, Williamnagar Government College.
4 Two Teachers’ Representative a) Senior-most Lecturer in Education
5 b) Senior-most Lecturer in Garo
6 Members E E PWD (Building) Williamnagar Division
7 E E PHE Williamnagar Division
8 E E MeCEL, Williamnagar Division
9 District Sports Officer, East Garo Hills, Williamnagar
10 Members (Two prominent Local Educationist/Citizens) a)
11 b)
12 Two Representatives of NEHU a) Member nominated by VC, NEHU
13 b) Member nominated by VC, NEHU


Organogram of Williamnagar Government College
Approval of Advisory Committee

The Faculty - Williamnagar Government College

# Name Designation Department Contact Email
1. Shri. Rajiv K. Marak Principal   wgcw2k@gmail.com
2. Dr. Pyallie D. Sangma Asst. Professor Economics sangmapd@gmail.com
3. Shri. Salkam Leezer S. Momin Asst. Professor Economics salkamlsmomin@gmail.com
4. Smt. Balkari B. Sangma Asst. Professor Economics balkarisangma17@gmail.com
5. Smt. Bandakerlin Lyngdoh Asst. Professor Economics bandakerlinlyngdoh@gmail.com
6. Shri. Artis Lincton Sohshang Asst. Professor Economics alinctonsoh@gmail.com
7. Dr. Om Prakash Khadka Asst. Professor Education opk1516@gmail.com
8. Smt. Chonje C. Marak Asst. Professor Education marakchonje56@gmail.com
9. Smt. Nokmera K. Sangma Asst. Professor Education nokmemark@gmail.com
10. Smt. Preityna M. Marak Asst. Professor Education sojourn81@hotmail.com
11. Smt. Reviewlet Kharumnuid Asst. Professor Education reviwletkharumnuid@gmail.com
12. Smt. Tojeli K. Sangma Asst. Professor English sangmatojeli@gmail.com
13. Smt. Sonabell W. Momin Asst. Professor English swmomin15@gmail.com
14. Smt. Banrishisha Mawnai Asst. Professor English heidi.mawnai13@gmail.com
15. Smt. Pynhunmiki Susngi Asst. Professor English spynhunbj@gmail.com
16. Dr. (Smt) Cherik D. D. Sangma Asst. Professor English cherikddsangma@gmail.com
17. Smt. Doriel C. Marak Asst. Professor Garo dorielmk@gmail.com
18. Smt. Sengchi R. Marak Asst. Professor Garo maraksengchi38@gmail.com
19. Shri. Sengrik M. Sangma Asst. Professor Garo sengrikmanda@gmail.com
20. Smt. Peary D. Marak Asst. Professor Garo pearydokgre@gmail.com
21. Shri. Bilnang K. Sangma Asst. Professor Garo bilnangraja@gmail.com
22. Shri. Rikrak D. Momin Asst. Professor History rikrak.69@gmail.com
23. Smt. Beatrice M. Sangma Asst. Professor History beatricemandasangma@gmail.com
24. Shri. Wilkins Wilber D. Shira Asst. Professor History wilvershira@gmail.com
25. Smt. Tokse Karen D Sangma Asst. Professor History karentokse@gmail.com
26. Shri. Robert Basumatary Asst. Professor Political Science robertbasumatary111@gmail.com
27. Dr. Antarwell Warjri Asst. Professor Political Science warjriantarwell@gmail.com
28. Smt. Greashina R. Marak Asst. Professor Political Science greshinamarak@gmail.com
29. Smt. Eubina Sungoh Asst. Professor Political Science eubinasungoh@gmail.com
30. Shri. Sitshall Lyngkhoi Asst. Professor Political Science sitshall84@gmail.com
31. Shri. Pringkle K Marak Part-Time EVS Teacher maraksprink@gmail.com

The Support (Non-Teaching) Staff - Williamnagar Government College

# Name Designation Contact# Email
1. Shri Savanth Star Dkhar Deputy Librarian XXXXXXXXXXX savvyraul@gmail.com
2. Shri Tangkaram R Marak LDA XXXXXXXXXXX maraktangkaram@gmail.com
3. Shri Jomen T Sangma Peon XXXXXXXXXXX  
4. Shri Prodip C Sangma Chowkidar XXXXXXXXXXX  

WGC - Different Committees