Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee


Cultural Committee is a committee which aims to promote ethnicity amongst students by organizing and conducting various events.

Cultural Committee Members:

1. Smt. Eubina Sungoh, Assistant Professor in Political Science- Convener 

2. Smt. Sonabell W Momin, Assistant Professor in English- Member 

3. Shri Rikrak D Momin, Assistant Professor in History- Member 

4. Smt. Beatrice M Sangma, Assistant Professor in History- Member

5. Smt. Chonje Ch Marak, Assistant Professor in Education- Member


1. It aims at building up and encouraging the talent and creativity of students.

2. To inculcate in the minds of the students the concept of unity and diversity so that the students appreciate the multicultural diversity of our Nation in general and society in particular.