Courses of Studies

Courses of Studies

  • Courses of Studies.
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Courses of Studies

At present, the college offers Undergraduate courses (UG) in Arts Stream only. The duration of the UG course is three years (six semesters). At present the college offers the following subjects for Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Course:

  • English
  • MIL (Garo)/Alternative English
  • Elective Garo
  • Economics
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Education

English, MIL/Alternative English and Environmental Studies are compulsory subjects for Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Course.

Programme specific outcome and Course outcome
Structure of Bachecholor of Arts (Honours)

Undergraduate Honours Degree Programme in the Semester System.

  • The University (NEHU) to which the college is affiliated has introduced Semester system at the Under Graduate level from the academic session 2015-16 starting with B.A. 1st Semester. The college holds its own internal examinations before each final semester examinations.
  • The duration of these courses comprised of six semesters spread over three academic years.
Salient Features of the UG Honours Degree Programme in the Semester System
  1. Students who have passed 10+2 (Higher Secondary) course in their respective stream or an equivalent examination from a recognized board in India or abroad which is recognized by NEHU or University Grants Commission shall be eligible for admission into the first semester of B.A. Honours Degree Course.
  2. Students who have passed 10+2 (Higher Secondary) or an equivalent examination in any stream recognized as above has the option to change/come over to Arts stream.

Registration: Students shall have to register themselves under the affiliating university (NEHU) within one semester of their enrolment.

Transfer: No inter-college transfer among the colleges shall be allowed beyond the first semester examinations. Other transfers shall be allowed only on the merit of each case.

Change of Centre of Examination
  1. A student shall apply to the Controller of Examination through the Principal of the college duly endorsed by the Principal of the centre to which the change is being sought.
  2. A prescribed fee shall be deposited by NEHU challan payable to North Eastern Hill University and the instrument of payment shall be attached to the application form.
  3. Change of examination centre is not permitted to a centre/college to which the affiliation of the subject/ course has not been given by the university.
Duration of the B.A. Honours Degree Examination
  1. The B.A. Honours Degree Course will comprise of six semesters spread over three academic years.
  2. A semester comprises a half-yearly programme or term of studies.
  3. The First, Third and Fifth Semesters will be odd semesters, while the Second, Fourth and Sixth Semesters will be even semesters.
Conduct of Examinations
  1. At the end of each semester, there shall be a final examination as per the semester academic calendar given below.
  2. Evaluation in each course shall be based on performance through continuous assessment at the end semester examinations. The weightage assigned to the continuous assessment and end semester examination shall be in the ratio 1:3.
  3. The pattern and schedule of continuous assessment and evaluation thereof shall be such as laid down in the relevant Regulation.
  4. Students shall be allowed to proceed to the next semester irrespective of failed papers/arrear papers subject to payment of fees and fulfilment of other prescribed conditions laid down by the university.

Subject Combination

A student shall be allowed to opt for the honours course in a subject given below and to corresponding elective subjects from the given combination below:

# Honours Elective Subject Combinations
1. English History, Education
2. Garo Education, History, Political Science
3. Political Science Education, History, Economics
4. Education History, Political Science, Garo Elective
5. Economics History, Political Science
6. History Economics, Political Science, Education
N.B. Choose any two subjects from the given subject combination

Course Outline

Compulsory subject:

English, Alternative English or Modern Indian Language (MIL), and Environmental Studies.

Honours Elective subject:

As listed in the eligibility for subject combination.

Elective subject:

Any two subjects are to be taken from the above given combination.

Distribution of Marks/Papers

Distribution of Marks/Papers over six semesters in respect of Honours Papers, Elective combination Papers and other compulsory Papers are shown in the table given below:

Semester / Subject / Papers Sem-I Sem-II Sem-III Sem-IV Sem-V Sem-VI Total Marks
English - - - 100 100 - 200
Environmental Studies - - - - - 100 100
MIL / Alternative English - - - 100 - - 100
Elective 1 100 100 100 - - - 300
Elective 2 100 100 100 - - - 300
Elective (Honours) 100 100 100 100 200 200 800
Total Marks 300 300 300 300 300 300 1800

Improvement Facility

Compulsory subject:
  1. A student who scores less than 15% marks in a paper shall not be eligible for re-evaluation facility.
  2. Re-evaluation facility is permissible for one paper oly in a Semester.
  3. Re-evaluation facility is not applicable in respect of practical Examinations.
  4. The higher marks awarded post re-evaluation shall be awarded.
  5. A Student who was declared passed initially shall not be declared unsuccessful as a result of re-evaluation and downward revision of marks shall be limited to pass level.
  6. A student may apply for re-evaluation within 30 days of declaration of the concerned results onpayment of the prescribed fee to the controller of Examinations.

N.B. Scrutiny of Answer Scripts(RC-9): A student can apply for Scrutiny of their Answer Script(s) in any paper within 30 days of publication results on payment of prescribed fee.

Re-Revaluation Facility

Compulsory subject:
  1. The improvement facility of an examination will be given to a desirous student after successful completion of the honours degree course of six semesters, on the recommendation of the college.
  2. The facility for improvement will be extended to a student securing less than 45% marks in any of the papers.
  3. No forfeiture condition shall be applied to the candidate.
  4. In case of improvement in the marks, the student will be required to surrender his/her original mark sheets and the improved mark sheets shall be retained by the student.
  5. Student availing improvement facility shall not be eligible for ranking.

N.B. Students are advised to check other details from the website of the university.